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Live Support Application Examples

Auto Industry

Internet Sales Departments are leading growth areas for traditional dealerships. Our system tailored for Internet Sales Managers brings maximum opportunity for early connections with buyers. live support allows for online/offline images to be used in;

  • new and used department pages.
  • specific models or vehicle pages.
  • individual or group staff profile page.
  • external image ads and HTML text ads that change as soon as an agent or salesperson  is selected as being available.
  • Unlimited Departments. Unlimited Ads. Unlimited Users.


Medical Industry

Specialized procedural clinics will benefit from the ability to interact with today's informed medical services shopper. Live support allows for a soft interaction that facilitates a time element in customer relationship building. Reduce your inbound telephone calls and increase your attendance by meeting more clients online first. Passive online ads become alive and reach out to your market.


Real Estate

Connect with interested persons immediately. Send ready-made links and information quickly from any mobile browser or desktop computer. Keep copy of pages viewed by client, time on page, and chat history. Immediately identify past visitors and chat users.


Online Sales

Bring real power to your online campaigns with live website chats and live external ads. Greatly expand your virtual presence. Proven system provides excellent features for managing high flow and tracking contacts. Our expert staff will assist you in making the most of this indispensable sales support tool. 


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