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Live Support Features


The System is accessible to you or your staff from any web browser or web enabled phone with java browser. Never miss another opportunity to turn a website visitor into a customer.

Iphone App is also available here.

Live Support

Online and Offline Images:

Choose from numerous stock images, create your own or have us customize for you.

The Live Support Widget works on your website, on other websites, as internet ads, email links, and more.


Chat Interface Options:

You can customize the client side chat window with many different themes as well as change out the top graphic and colors of the window. Here are some example chat windows:

You can monitor both visitor sessions and chat sessions at the same time and talk to multiple users at the same time using a unique tab system.


Extensive data tracking lets you save transcripts and messages, and identify referers, page visits and key words used to find your website.


Invite website visitors to chat using invite "layers" on the client side which show up even when pop-up blockers are enabled.


Live Help


Live Help


Live Help


Live Help







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