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1982 - 2028

"Going Forward to Look Back"

Thought of The Day
On Tuesday (10/6/2020), Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified and released to Congress handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan as well as a CIA investigative referral to James Comey and Peter Strzok requesting that they investigate Russian knowledge of Hillary Clinton's anti-Trump collusion smear operation.
Rather than investigate at the time whether Russian intelligence had infiltrated the Clinton operation’s anti-Trump campaign and sowed Russian disinformation within it, the FBI instead used unverified chatter from a suspected Russian agent  to obtain federal warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.


Question of The Day

What companies and individuals outside government were involved in that smear campaign.

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"staring down an invisible enemy"

I wonder if the deep state has figured out just how painted into a corner they actually are. Did those engaging in corruption ever wonder whether or not there were simultaneous programs running that they were the target of? Hmmm

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.....and frogs to destroy them.